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Why are More People Installing Skylights?

Date: August 2022

Your home’s atmosphere and functionality can be altered by a source of natural light. Installing skylights on your roof is among the simplest ways to brighten up a living area and give it a newer, cozier feel.

Here are a few Reasons you might want to install a Skylight in your home:

Natural Light

Many people value getting as much natural light as possible in their homes, which is exactly what skylights do. Nowadays houses are being built a lot closer together, with ewer windows to increase overall privacy. As a result of the lack of windows, natural light becomes harder to come by. You can’t go wrong with a skylight if your home has minimal natural light, and you want to lighten up a darker space or simply want more natural light.

Beautiful kitchen enhanced by natural light of skylight

Energy Efficiency

Due to the increase in natural light from skylights, the use of traditional lighting and electricity can be reduced. Additionally, during the winter and the colder months leading up to winter, skylights provide additional heat reducing the amount of heating needed in this area of your home.

Increased Airflow

Some skylights can be opened and closed and are known as vented skylights. Vented Skylights are ideal for homes with poor airflow and circulation. These skylights draw cooler air into the home when lower-level windows are opened, allowing homeowners to get more out of their air conditioning in the summer months.

Make your Space Feel Bigger

When more natural light enters a room, regardless of its size, it appears to be larger. A skylight can help create the illusion of space if you’re feeling claustrophobic in your home. It also increases the value of your home, which is always a plus whether you plan to sell of not.

To request a free estimate for skylight installations click here, and to learn more about Velux branded skylights click here.

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