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Roof Repairs and Maintenance

For most people our home is one of the largest single investments we will make, careful consideration is given to location, size, both interior and exterior styles and finishes. Once we personalize and settle into our homes we often forget about roof maintenance, one of the most important systems in our homes that homeowners overlook or forget is the roof.

The roof is more than shingles, it is a complete system designed to perform multiple functions. It is exposed to severe changing climates, providing protection from extreme heat, freezing snow, driving rain and severe winds. Your roof slowly deteriorates over time; the key to maximizing roof life expectancy is maintenance, proper maintenance ensures your roof is healthy and working at its highest efficiency. Similar to our vehicles, maintenance is a requirement and is less expensive than major repairs or a complete replacement. Regular inspection of building roof systems will lead to early detection of roof problems, save or delay the cost of roof replacement, protect your assets from costly damage and increase roof life expectancy.

Since a properly maintained roof protects your investment, keeps your home beautiful and helps maximize property values taking preventative measures is imperative. Findlay Roofing will inspect your complete roofing system; provide complete documentation including photographs for your records. If problem areas are detected we will recommend the proper corrective actions whether that be roof  repairs or replacements. We will also recommend other measures to increase the lifespan of your roofing system, helping you plan ahead for what is overhead.

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