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Technologies that are Changing Roofing

Date: December 2022

Technology has integrated seamlessly into our daily lives. The most recent technological advancements have not only influenced our daily lives, but are also monumentally changing a wide range of industries. In particular, the roofing industry has embraced this revolutionary technology. Below we will go over new technological advancements in the roofing industry.

Computer Aided Roofing Design

The rapidly expanding computer-aided and manufacturing industries have given the roofing industry a much-needed boost. Infinite doors of creativity are opening with the ability to design homes in 3D modeling software. In order to meet the challenges of today’s congested urban spaces, designers are now confident enough to attempt more complex structures.

CAD House Software

Roofing Estimation Software

The majority of small business owners agree that organization is crucial for growing a company and a roofing estimation software is an effective way to do so. Contractors can now run their businesses using a centralized system to maintain all customer information and organize development plans. Among the information that is stored in a centralized system include material orders, aerial measurements and documentation, billing information and in some cases, contracts. Roofing software streamlines business and provides contractors with more insight into the business’s performance. It also helps with accurate estimates and efficient production processes that can help increase total profits

Here at Findlay Roofing we utilize GAF’s Quick Measure estimation software. This technology allows Findlay Roofing to efficiently and accurately measure and price roofs in a timely manner. 


Traditional roof inspection methods can be time-consuming, costly, and dangerous. Additionally it also increases the possibility of human error in roofing estimations and inspections. To address these issues more and more roofing contractors are investing in drone technology to allow them to inspect homes while staying on the ground. This not only increases productivity for most roofing contractors but also promotes safety as workers do not have to physically get on the roof to identify potential problems. 

Solar Roofing

GAF Timberline Solar is the only roofing system that incorporates solar technology directly into the traditional roofing process. It differs from traditional solar options, such as solar panels, because it is integrated into the roof itself. Solar shingles work in tandem with asphalt shingles to create a system that generates energy while also protecting your home from the elements. Solar roofs can also help you save money on your electric bill by producing clean energy. These shingles produce approximately 110 Watts per square metre, whereas solar tiles produce approximately 70 Watts per square metre. Additionally solar roofs are much more environmentally friendly than other fossil fueled power sources.

GAF Solar Shingles

Solar roofs are ideal for those who are early adopters of new technology. I would recommend solar shingles or tiles if you have the budget for them and don’t mind potential waitlists. Especially due to its ergonomic appeal, durability and potential energy savings.

The roofing industry is constantly changing and adapting to new technology. These technologies have been proven to save time and money by reducing the unnecessary charges that come from variables such as human error and safety concerns. While we continue to adapt to the everchanging landscape that is the roofing industry, Findlay Roofing continues to be committed to the overall happiness and quality that our customers expect

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