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Solar Shingles: The Future of Roofing Materials

Date: November 2022

If you’re anything like me when you first heard about GAF’s Timberline Solar Energy Shingles, your first thought was “How is that possible?” followed by “How can I get it?”.  However, if you are not one of those people, don’t worry throughout this post we will go over all the details and specifications of these innovative Timberline Solar Energy Shingles.

What is a Timberline Solar Energy Shingle?

GAF Solar ShinglesGAF’s Timberline Solar was launched in early 2022 and is already being installed all over the United States. Timberline Solar is the only roofing system that incorporates solar technology directly into the traditional roofing process. It differs from traditional solar options, such as solar panels, because it is integrated into the roof itself. Solar shingles work in tandem with asphalt shingles to create a system that generates energy while also protecting your home from the elements.

Are Timberline Solar Shingles Expensive?

As anticipated a solar roof is more expensive than a traditional asphalt and fibreglass shingled roof, however GAF designed the Timberline Solar to be affordable for everyone. The price is typically comparable to a new roof plus the installation of deck mounted solar panels that you would have seen in previous years.

What are some Advantages of a Solar Roof?

Energy Efficiency

This is by far the most significant benefit of solar roofs, and it is likely the most appealing feature to potential buyers. Solar roofs can help you save money on your electric bill by producing clean energy. Solar shingles produce approximately 110 Watts per square metre, whereas solar tiles produce approximately 70 Watts per square metre. Additionally solar roofs are much more environmentally friendly than other fossil fueled power sources.

Low Maintenance (So Far)

This one falls between an advantage and a disadvantage, due mainly to the scarcity of information about solar roof maintenance. We don’t know what kind of maintenance will be required because solar roof tiles and shingles are less than 10 years old. Although we believe that as long as solar tiles and shingles are properly installed, they won’t require much maintenance. However, early adopters of this new technology may encounter some maintenance and repairs as they are still in testing stages. Only time will tell, but we are confident they will require minimal maintenance.

Is a Solar Roof Right for You?

Solar roofs are ideal for those who are early adopters of new technology. I would recommend solar shingles or tiles if you have the budget for them and don’t mind potential waitlists. Especially due to its ergonomic appeal, durability and potential energy savings. However, if you do not believe that solar shingles or tiles are right for you there are still many alternatives such as roof mounted solar panels.

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