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3 Things YOU can do to Prepare your Roof for the Winter

Date: October 2022

As we come to the end of the 2022 season, many homeowners are getting prepared for the harsh Canadian winter that is to come. From firing up the furnace to bringing out the winter jackets and emergency car kits, there is a lot for homeowners to manage. However, during the hustle and bustle of winter preparations, homeowners often forget that the quality and performance of their roof is the most important defense against the harsh Canadian winter. At Findlay roofing we want you to feel confident about the safety and performance of your roof so we have compiled a list of 3 things you can do to prepare your roof for the winter months.

Prune Surrounding Branches and Bushes

Despite the fact that the trees on your property may be absolutely beautiful and full of colour in the fall, any overhanging branches or tree limbs can pose a risk to your roof during the winter. When snow and ice build up on weak or dead branches, it is not uncommon that they will break, causing damage to your roof and potentially neighbours roofs as well. If your trees need more maintenance than you think you can handle yourself, be sure to call in an arborist who can better help you remedy the problem.

Pruning Trees by roof

Clean Your Gutters

Although fall brings beautiful colours and falling leaves, it also signifies the perfect time to check and clean your gutters before the colder weather rolls in. Leaves, sticks and other debris collects on your roof throughout the summer months and into the fall and often times will clog your downpipes. It is essential to clean your gutters and make sure that water is flowing down and off of your roof and to prevent ice damming. Ice damming occurs when the snow on your roof melts during the day due to the sun and resolidifies in your gutters later that night and continues to build up throughout the season. This leads to possible leaks, standing water and can lift shingles from their original position.

Examine/Inspect Roof

As we prepare our homes for the winter, it is important to keep an eye out for any unexpected guests (birds, squirrels, racoons, etc.) looking to do the same. The warmth of your roof is a common hiding spot for these animals during the winter months. These nests can be detrimental to the performance of your roof and should be addressed prior to the first snowfall. Additionally be sure to perform a thorough roof inspection, looking at the roof, flashings, ventilation, etc. as repairs can be more difficult and expensive during the winter months. While water damage is the most serious threat to your roof, if left unattended, ice and snow can seep into you roof and cause additional damage. Early inspections will allow you to prioritize any repairs before they become an emergency.

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