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Closed Valley

Date: April 2023

Often overlooked, your roof valleys are among the most critical components to a healthy functioning roof system.

The ‘roof valley’ on your roof is created when any two sections meet at an angle less than 180 degrees. Since water will collect and accumulate in a valley, it is one of the more vulnerable areas of your roof.

A roof valley system is used in the roof areas that tie into each other at an exterior angle of fewer than 180 degrees. To have a proper valley system, water, and ice should be installed underneath a metal flashing, which will be installed underneath the shingles. From here, a synthetic underlayment, starters, and shingles will be applied over the metal to make the area waterproof.

 A roof valley is needed to help mitigate the risk of damage from prolonged moisture exposure. It helps fight mold or algae infestations by keeping the valley areas well protected against them.

What is a Closed Valley

A layer of underlayment and an ice and water shield will be installed over the valley to cover and seal the valley. After, the shingles are installed, starting with the lower slope and then onto the higher pitch to overlap each other effectively. The excess portion of the shingles on the higher slope will be cut off so that the overlap looks seamless.


 The pros of the closed valley include the following:

– It is more aesthetically pleasing

– Quicker to install

– Cost efficient.

closed valley
closed valley

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