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When is the Best Time to Have my Roof Replaced?

Date: June 2022

To ensure a successful and efficient roof replacement/reroof, make certain that you do so at the appropriate time. When determining the right time to install your roof, it is important to take all variabilities into consideration such as weather, prices, and availability. So, when is the best time to install your roof? Summer? Winter? Fall? Spring?


According to most contractors, Fall is the ideal time of the year to have your roof replaced for many reasons. Firstly, the hot and sticky weather that comes with a Canadian summer will have cooled off and remains quite consistent throughout the day. This allows for longer and more productive working days. Additionally, fall allows an ideal amount of time for shingles to set and seal before the extremes of our Canadian winters.

However, be sure to plan ahead, as fall is the tail end of the roofing season and most contractors have limited availability.


Like the fall, spring weather is cooler and dryer that in the summer months which is ideal for roofers. With less humidity in the air, the risk of moisture damage within your roof is significantly reduced. Nonetheless, with the changing of seasons comes spring showers and these stretches of unpredictable rain and inclement weather may result in longer installation times.

Spring is the “start” of the roofing season and although most contractors are unlikely to be completely booked, however, keep in mind that spring is significantly busier than the winter. Planning ahead is still recommended as the season picks up.


Summer is a very popular season to have your roof replaced, due to the likelihood of long stretches of consistent warm weather, longer days, and extended periods of sunshine. However, the extreme heat can lead to fatigue in crews as well as damage shingles. Early summer is more of an ideal time that into late July/August.

Due to the busyness of most roofing contactors throughout the summer, scheduling a roof replacement might be more difficult.


It’s no secret that replacing your roof during the winter is the most challenging time, but its not impossible.  The main difficulty of the winter is obviously the weather, ice and snow make it difficult for contractors to be as efficient in the winter months. Additionally, most shingles need to be installed in weather that is warmer than 4 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, you run the risk of shingles cracking and not adhering correctly.

Availability in the winter usually increases as this is the “slow” season for roofer

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